Our vision is to enable the most appropriate cellular telephone service for the commercial maritime industry, measured by a combination of high voice quality, low bandwidth usage, high end-user value, and compelling business model for vessel operators.

To make this vision a reality, we work and live by these core values:


We require honesty in interpersonal dealings. Honesty is the core of trust and trust is the foundation of successful long-term relationships.

We do not compromise our integrity; we do not hide from difficult situations.

If a conflict exists between integrity and any other value, we choose integrity.


We are focused on providing a high quality, reliable product.

We seek to understand what our customers require and will implement these to the very best of our ability, as quickly as possible.

Excellence is the optimum balance of quality, performance, value, and delivery to best meet customer needs.


We evaluate ideas based on the data we have. 

All sources of data are valuable to us. 

We are fully open to new ideas and will not let egos get in the way.


We make choices and work together for the betterment of the Team.  Following the notions of Rationality, we each evaluate ideas based on their overall benefit, and not the effect on one individual.

We actively seek diverse backgrounds and viewpoints in making important choices.  Two heads are better than one.

We are committed to treating our teammates with respect.


We are building our business to be sustainable and profitable.  Growth in profits allows us to provide continuing value to our customers and to provide a healthy environment for our employees.